Does It Fit?

I've put together a collection of the most-requested "Does It Fit?" pictures. (If I've written an in-depth review of an item, I usually include additional fit test shots toward the end of the post—I'll try to stick to just the highlights here!) Please comment below if you have any requests!

Laptops / Electronics

15" Macbook Pro in Medium Allyn Body

12" Macbook in Ava Bucket Bag

15" Macbook Pro in Simone Satchel

iPad Mini in Small Dakota

iPad Mini in Medium Andra

iPad Mini in Large Lola

12" Macbook in XL Scout (can be hard to
get laptop past the zipper)

15" Macbook Pro in M Weston Body

12" Macbook in Small Allyn Sleeve

12" Macbook in Small Landon Body

12.9" iPad Pro in Small Landon Body 

Misc. Items

Small Axel Lunch Box in Small Allyn

Accordion Travel Wallet in Small Andra

Accordion Travel Wallet in Ace Fanny Pack (it does zip shut!)

XS Landon in 15" Tote

"Fits," but Wouldn't Recommend IT

12" Macbook (tilted to fit) in Small Dakota

15" Macbook Pro in Small Allyn Body

DoesN't Fit 

Slim Wallet in Small Andra

2017 12.9-inch iPad Pro in Small Allyn Sleeve


  1. 15" macbook in an unsnapped medium Allyn tote

    1. Just added a picture—sorry for the delay!

  2. Does the iPad pro 12.9 fit in the small Landon sleeve/body?

    1. Just added a picture—it fits in the body of the bag if the sides are unsnapped!

  3. Does a 13 in Macbook fit in the sleeve of the Wade Diaper Tote?

    1. My bulky/circa-2011 13" MacBook Pro with a thin case fits in the sleeve of the Large Wade, so a more recent 13" MacBook should fit without any issues! :-)

  4. Does the 2019 15" MacBook Pro fit in the medium Dagne Dover Daily Tote (the large seems like it would be TOO big!)

    1. Unfortunately, I don't own either of the Daily Totes sizes yet (and I'm wondering this as well)!

  5. Will the MacBook Air 13.3 fit in the small allyn tote laptop sleeve?

    1. The 12.9-inch 2017 iPad Pro doesn't fit in the laptop sleeve on the Small Allyn, so I suspect the 13.3 Air might not either (but I can't say for certain)!