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In Appreciation of Dagne Dover's Discontinued Bags

Tiny Tote in Blush Gold

If you've been following the Discontinued Styles page here on Totes Dagne, you may have noticed quite a few items crept their way onto the list. Many of them happen to be my all-time favorite styles! Instead of writing a detailed review for each style (if I haven't already), I'd like to share a few photos and thoughts about all of them in one post. This post has been well over two years in the making, by the way 🌚

As much as I love Dagne's leather bags, I understand the shift to neoprene. I know I couldn't have built the collection I have without buying their leather bag styles second-hand. Zero of my Charlies (or Simones!) were purchased through Dagne Dover directly, and the two Avas I did purchase through the website were heavily discounted during a sample sale. Although the leather bags will always be my favorite, I only found myself purchasing consistently from the brand itself after the focus shifted to small leather goods and neoprene styles. (The referral/rewards programs have been vital for me in that regard as well.)

  • Jan 2019: To give you some perspective on what a bad customer I was while these bags were still available: after adding up all of the discontinued styles I own, I discovered I only purchased 21% of those styles from Dagne Dover directly. If you remove the Elle Clutches from the equation, it drags that percentage down to a measly 9%.

Less interesting stats:

  • Feb 2021: Taking into account all currently discontinued styles, my percentage of direct purchases is up to 28%. Additional stats: for leather/coated canvas styles only, 19% (14% without the Elles); for neoprene styles only, it's a whopping 89%! 
  • March 2021: My direct purchase percentage is up to 35%; 23% for leather/coated canvas styles only (18% without the Elles), and 87% for neoprene styles only.
  • August 2021: The direct purchase percentage of discontinued styles has climbed up to 41%! Factors include purchasing discontinued styles from recent sample sales as well as selling some of the second-hand discontinued items from my collection. 

A huge thank-you to the Dagne Dover team for creating all of these fabulous styles!

The Charlie Tote

Charlies in Bone, Onyx, Pale Peach, Oxblood, and Jasmine

There's nothing quite like the Charlie Tote; in fact, many of us older Dagne fans consider it the 'gold standard' bag. I've used my Onyx Charlie as an instrument bag for years, and it's held up incredibly well—even though it's always stuffed to the point where it weighs 16+ pounds! To read more about the three versions of the Charlie bag out there, click here

Coming from someone with a sh*t-ton of Dagne bags: if I could only keep one single DD bag, it would be the Onyx Charlie Tote.

The Charlie Tote was released in the following colors: Onyx, Bone, Oxblood, Ivy, Pale Peach, Sand, Jasmine, Slate, and Steel Gray Suede. MSRP $495.00.

THE Simone Satchel

Simone Satchels in Slate, Oxblood, Bone, and Sand

Do I need more Simone Satchels? No. Did I finally find (and buy) a Jasmine Simone? Of course!

The silhouette is sleek, professional, and laptop-friendly—up to a 15" MBP can fit in the front section of the Simone. I currently own six 


, but I'm hoping to get down to just one or two. (I also used the Oxblood Simone as an instrument bag for maybe half a year. It fit my instrument and supplies, but didn't fit my oversized music folder or some of the bulky/heavy accessories I've added along the way.)

The Simone Satchel was released in the following colors: Onyx, Bone, Oxblood, Sand, Jasmine, Slate, Steel Gray, and Steel Gray Suede. MSRP $395.00.

THE OG Totes (+ Petite & Midi)

The OG Totes are the predecessors of the Petite/Midi/Classic/Legend Totes. I sold my 13" Totes and half of my Mini Totes a while back, but I did keep my two favorite Mini Totes in leather (second row from top). 

I've found the Tiny Totes are great for travel in high-crime tourist areas (if worn crook-of-arm), and the Petite Tote is great for errands. The Mini Tote was helpful as an airplane carry-on (the front zip pocket being a great place to stash compression socks) and looked great in professional settings, and I regularly used my 15" Tote in Steel Gray for overnight stays pre-pandemic. I've been desperately in search of Petite Totes in Agate and Geo Mirage from 2017 for years now...

THE Ava Bucket Bag

My Ava collection is out of control—just the way I like it! 🤪 I finished dyeing an Ava bag dark green in 2020 and am still on the lookout for Avas in Slate and Sand/Sultan's Windowpane to complete my collection. I always liked the idea of a Geo Mirage Ava, so that might be my big DIY project for 2021. This is a great bag for errands and appointments (and as a daily bag in general)!

Ava Review: Click here

The Ava Bucket Bag was released in the following colors: Onyx, Bone, Bone Onyx, Oxblood, Sand, Sand/Sultan's Windowpane, Jasmine, Slate, Steel Gray, Steel Gray Suede, and Rust Suede. MSRP $325.00.

THE Elle Clutches

Large Elle Clutches in Oxblood, Dusk Suede, Bone, Geo Mirage, and Bone Onyx

I don't use these as often as I should, but I love having them out on display. (I'm still kicking myself for not buying a Rust Suede Elle while I still had the chance...) Borrowing key leashes from larger DD bags is a great way to turn these into wristlets. Bone Onyx (black front and white back) and Geo Mirage are my two personal favorites! 

MSRP (Small): $75.00 | MSRP (Large): $125.00


Original Clutch Wallets in Fulton Floral, Linen, Onyx, Ivy, Champagne, and Cork

I still think the magnetic cardholder feature was so innovative and clever. I loved seeing these on my shelf (and had at least eight of them at one point!), but I'm in the process of downsizing to just two Original Clutch Wallets ("OCWs")—Fulton Floral and Linen. I stopped using these as frequently after the Accordion Travel Wallet was released, but the good news is that if you take off the magnetic card holder, you can slide your Accordion Travel Wallet in its place! The magnetic holder can also add more card slots to the old Essentials Clutch Wallet 1.0 design—more on that here. (Not pictured: the beautiful long chain straps the OCWs also came with!)

Wallet size comparisons: click here

MSRP: $165.00+

THE Andras

I'm a small-bag person, so the Andras were right up my alley; particularly the small size. The Epic is a worthy replacement, but I'll still miss the Andra silhouette! If you're a light packer and like to carry small/modular items, this may be the bag for you. I've sold one of the Andras pictured above and am hoping to someday find one of my Holy Grail bags: a Desert Python Andra from FW17.

Andra Review (& Epic Comparison): click here

MSRP (Small): $155.00 | MSRP (Medium): $195.00

THE Laptop Sleeve

I didn't give the laptop sleeve a chance until it hit the sale section post-discontinuation, which is a shame because the 12" version was one of my most-used bags of 2020! I attached Maras to the fronts using the key leash clips from an XS Landon (in the same color as the laptop sleeve) to hold my phone and other small accessories. If you have laptops in multiple sizes, I'd suggest perhaps going for the largest size; after buying the 15" sleeve, I never seem to reach for the 12" sleeve anymore.

THE Scout and Parker Pouches

In perhaps one of the most shocking product discontinuations, the Scout and Parker pouches were yeeted from the neoprene lineup in late 2020. The Skye Essentials Pouch in neoprene and the Mara are the closest remaining styles in terms of size and functionality. I've used my Small Scouts/Parkers to carry small items inside larger bags for years now, and I just recently started using the Large Parkers as clutches (with a leather wristlet attached to the D-ring) and as a bag insert (in small and large bags alike).

Scout/Parker Size Comparisons: click here


2021 brought the discontinuation of the Lola Pouches—the last item standing from the OG Leather Edit. I posted a comparison video last year and posted instructions on how to wear them with a strap. (And believe it or not, I've already sold over half of the Lolas in this picture!) 

Lola Pouch Review: click here

MSRP (Small): $75.00 | MSRP (Large): $105.00

M Dune Weston, S Lime Axel, XL Dusk Camo Hunter

As of April 2021, the Ryan/Weston Laptop bags as well as the XL Hunters and Small Axel Lunch Box (click here for an overview) are being discontinued as well. 

Discontinued leather styles in Onyx

Et voila! I've owned far more Dagne Dover bags than any one person should, but it's given me a chance to really figure out which styles work best for me and my lifestyle. If you're interested in trying any of these discontinued styles, there's a good chance I'm selling one in an effort to downsize my hoard collection—check out my secondary Instagram account @shoptotesdagne for available bags/items! If you have a discontinued bag, show it off on Instagram with the hashtag #dagnethrowback. 😀

Rust Suede Ava, Geo Mirage and Jasmine
Steel Gray / Steel Gray Suede (FW16)
Sand (SS17)
Oxblood: Charlie, Simone, 13" Tote
Champagne Leather Tiny Tote (FW14 Holiday)
Onyx Original Clutch Wallet
Sienna Petite Tote
Prism Midi Tote

I'll add more discontinued bag shots like these on the Discontinued Styles 
page in the future—stay tuned!

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