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Style Requests

Mini Charlie

I love the Charlie—the design is brilliant. I use my Onyx Charlie as a music/instrument bag and would be so stoked if DD came out with a tablet/12" macbook-sized counterpart to complement the Small Allyn.

Size ratios = very approximate
Mini Lola

A Mini Lola would make a beautiful coin pouch. I could see it working with either a zippered or a kiss lock closure.

Mini Allyn

I love the idea of a Mini Allyn made with straps that can be significantly adjusted using some kind of interior-facing grommet and notch system. I enjoy hand-carrying bags when possible, so the ability to adjust the strap/handle length from super short to a more typical shoulder-bag length would be awesome.

Additional Suggestions


A credit card-sized Scout pouch around a $15 price point would be an awesome addition to the lineup. (Bonus points if it's included with the XS Landon and Small Dakota.) Knowing me, I'd buy one in each color. 🙈 This seems to be a popular request!

A Dark color/pattern with a light lining

The consensus seems to be that the larger neoprene bags in dark colors (like Onyx and Storm) can become "black hole" bags—customers are interested in seeing a dark color or pattern with a light-colored lining.


A leather equivalent of the small Dakota would be fantastic!


A member of a Dagne Dover appreciation group on facebook made this suggestion and I absolutely love it: a coated canvas laptop sleeve with a neoprene interior.

Changes to Existing Designs

A gold hardware option for Onyx leather edit items. (Update: the Epic Crossbody in Onyx has gold hardware!)

"Granted" Wishes!

March 2019 Update: The new SS19 collection contains two colors that were on my previous wishlist—Sunbreak (neon yellow) and Wildflower (light pink)! An XS Landon size was also on my wishlist, so suffice it to say I ordered both of these and will no doubt order more in the future.

Wishlist colors
Sunbreak and Wildflower

March 2020 Update: The new SS20 collection contains two more 'wishlist' colors!

Wishlist colors
Pollen Airmesh and Pomelo


Have a request or suggestion? Please leave a comment or DM me a color swatch/pattern on Instagram (@totesdagne)!

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  1. XS Hunter! I love my XS Landon, but my small hunter is just too big. An XS Hunter would be more suitable for daily 'touch up ' cosmetics as well.