Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Dagne Dover Andra vs. Epic Crossbody: Comparison and Review

I reviewed the Small and Large Andras in depth on Totes Dagne in early 2019 (see it here!), but with the recent release of the Epic Crossbody style, I wanted to compare the three in depth. I've uploaded an overview on Youtube and will share additional details here. Many of my thoughts regarding the Andras are copied or paraphrased from my previous review.

The video has no narration and includes various size comparisons, packing examples, and a strap length adjustment demonstration. Please consider setting the video quality to 1080p for a better viewing experience.

  • Small Andra Specs: L 8” x H 5.25” x W 2”, .8 lbs, 21" - 22.5" crossbody strap drop length
  • Epic Crossbody Specs: L 7.75” x H 6” x W 2.75”, .9 lbs, 20" crossbody strap drop length, 4.5" handle
  • Medium Andra Specs: L 9 ½” x H 6 ¾” x W 3 ½”, 1.4 lbs, 21" - 23" crossbody strap drop length

A few things to note:

  • The leather on the Andras is quite stiff and rigid
  • With the exception of certain limited edition styles (such as Holographic Leather and Block Party Print), the Epic Crossbody is made of coated canvas with leather trim and an interior mix of coated canvas and polyester. The lower back of the bag appears to be made of a smooth leather.
  • The Small Andra and Epic Crossbody have a key clip instead of a key leash
  • The Andras are meant to be worn crossbody, but because I don't care for the straps they come with, I substituted the original crossbody straps with the straps from my Coach Dinky 24 bags (as the thinner Coach straps can be brought/doubled through the side loops to create a much shorter strap length); the short strap from the Epic can also be used as an alternate option.
  • My iPhone 7 fits in the back slip pocket of the Epic and both Andra sizes (provided the body of the bag isn't too overstuffed).

When I saw the Epic pop up during the FW19 release, I immediately wondered what it meant for the Andras. Can these two very similar styles co-exist within the Dagne Dover line-up, or is the Epic meant to become the Andra's replacement? The FW19 sale section is still chock-full of Small and Medium Andras, and they weren't released in this most recent season's colorways—a first for both sizes. On the other hand, the Epic Crossbody was released in three SS20 colorways; Pomelo, Lime (with an exclusive short resin chain strap), and Block Party Print in Leather. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over future releases.

I don't own a regular coated canvas Epic Crossbody, but I do own one of the limited edition leather versions in Block Party Print. The leather feels thinner/more flexible on the Epic than the Andras, which could be due in part to the polyester lining. (This also helps reduce the overall stiffness of the bag, which I appreciate.) The Epic comes with a short handheld strap as well as a non-adjustable crossbody strap. I love hand-carrying bags and never cared for the adjustable Andra crossbody straps, so both strap designs are winners to me!

The Andra and the Epic are great for quick errands and for going out to dinner. These bags definitely require an intentional packing strategy. Small, modular items are the key to unlocking the potential of the Small Andra and Epic Crossbody in particular. If you'd prefer to wear these at shoulder bag height, I would suggest investing in a Coach Dinky chain strap (or something similar) that can be doubled up through the D-ring to reduce the strap's length.

If you're no stranger to packing light, either one of these styles could be a good match for you. If you prefer to bring ALL the things, I suspect the size and rigidness of these styles might drive you nuts in no time. 😜  Keep an eye on the Sale section for discounted seasonal colors if you're looking to try one out at a lower price—as of the time of writing, there are Small Andras for $99 (normally $155), Medium Andras for $119 (normally $195), and Epics for $89 (normally $145).

Did this post help you choose an Andra or Epic Crossbody? Let me know what color you got! Leave me a comment here or on Instagram (@totesdagne).

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests for additional comparison photos—I'll do my best to help. If you decide to make a first-time purchase through Dagne Dover, please consider clicking this link for $20 off your first $100+ purchase! (If you make a qualifying purchase, Dagne Dover will gift me $20 in spending credit as part of their new Dagne Rewards program!) The link will take you to Dagne Dover's home page, where a unique $20 off code should pop up after a few seconds. 

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