Wednesday, August 18, 2021

In Appreciation of Dagne Dover's Discontinued Bags

Tiny Tote in Blush Gold

If you've been following the Discontinued Styles page here on Totes Dagne, you may have noticed quite a few items crept their way onto the list. Many of them happen to be my all-time favorite styles! Instead of writing a detailed review for each style (if I haven't already), I'd like to share a few photos and thoughts about all of them in one post. This post has been well over two years in the making, by the way 🌚

As much as I love Dagne's leather bags, I understand the shift to neoprene. I know I couldn't have built the collection I have without buying their leather bag styles second-hand. Zero of my Charlies (or Simones!) were purchased through Dagne Dover directly, and the two Avas I did purchase through the website were heavily discounted during a sample sale. Although the leather bags will always be my favorite, I only found myself purchasing consistently from the brand itself after the focus shifted to small leather goods and neoprene styles. (The referral/rewards programs have been vital for me in that regard as well.)

  • Jan 2019: To give you some perspective on what a bad customer I was while these bags were still available: after adding up all of the discontinued styles I own, I discovered I only purchased 21% of those styles from Dagne Dover directly. If you remove the Elle Clutches from the equation, it drags that percentage down to a measly 9%.