Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Dagne Dover Tiny Tote Vs. Petite Tote: Comparison & Review

The Tiny Tote was launched on November 14th, 2014 and is Dagne Dover's smallest coated canvas Tote to date. It resembles the 15"/Legend Tote in that its handles cannot be folded down, but is a mere fraction of the size and comes with a cross body strap. The re-designed version, the Petite Tote, has slightly larger dimensions than Totes of this size that were released prior to March 2nd, 2017. Colorways introduced in March 2017 and beyond were not released as Tiny Totes; similarly, limited edition colors released prior to March 2017 are not available in the Petite Tote size.

  • Tiny Tote Specs: 7"L x 6.7"H x 3.4"W , 3.5" handle drop, 1.2lb weight 
  • Petite Tote Specs: 8"L x 7 ¼"H x 3 ¾"W , 4" handle drop, 1.3lb weight 

I finally got my hands on a Petite Tote, and while I was surprised by its new dimensions in person, I felt the most noticeable changes involved the interior. I'll refer to 'Side #1' as the side containing the pen/lipgloss holders.

Tiny Tote

  • Side #1: Three pen/lipgloss holders (equally sized) with open bottoms
  • Side #2: Zip pocket, slip pocket with magnetic closure (fits items like the iPhone 7/similar, card case, accordion wallet), two small layered slot pockets (the larger pocket just barely fits the card case that comes with the tote)
  • Comes with a matching card case (with D-ring) and key leash

Petite Tote

  • Side #1: Three pen/lipgloss holders (two short and one tall) with closed bottoms, large slip pocket (fits items like the iPhone 7/similar, card case, accordion wallet, accordion travel wallet; the magnetic insert from the Original Clutch Wallet is a tight fit)
  • Side #2: Zip pocket
  • Contains a small key clip in lieu of a key leash, does not come with a matching card case to my knowledge

Ease of Use

  • The zipper flaps lie flatter in the Petite Tote than they do in the Tiny Tote, and they don't impede your ability to use the interior slip pocket. (The zip pocket can also be opened without necessarily having to move the flap.)  
  • The zipper flaps on the Tiny Tote need to be pushed up in order to gain access to the interior slip/zip pockets. This isn't necessarily a con—if you're in an area where pick-pocketing is an issue, it offers a small but helpful layer of security. 
  • The handles seem to be far more stiff/rigid on the Petite Tote than on the Tiny Tote.
  • The Accordion Travel Wallet and the magnetic insert from the Original Clutch Wallets fit in the body of the Tiny Tote. Either one will fit in the body or the slip pocket of the Petite Tote, although the latter is a tight fit.
  • Bringing a book? A 5" x 7.5" paperback (and smaller) fits in the body the Tiny Tote, and a 5.25"x 8" (and smaller) fits in the Petite Tote. 

Bye-bye, key leash!
Tiny Tote in Linen - 2016

Story time: I caught a pick-pocketer in action when I took my Tiny Tote in Linen to Europe a couple of years ago. It was one of the few times I carried the bag by the cross body strap in a crowded place instead of in the crook of my arm. I was sick and wasn't thinking straight. Something brushed my left leg as I walked down the steps out of the metro stop, and even though that distracted me, I could still feel the zipper being pulled down. I bellowed a sickly "HEY!" before the thief had it even halfway unzipped. (Having a hand reach from behind and slowly start unzipping your purse is a weird thing to see—I remember it vividly.) My Tiny Tote was awesome for that trip and fit nicely inside a larger purse that had room for my laptop. I'd definitely bring it again. Honestly, the thief got lucky—had she successfully unzipped my bag, she would have treated herself to a truly heaping handful of snotty tissues. 😜

  • If you've acquired some of DD's newer accessories (like the Accordion Travel Wallet), you'll find that the design of the new Petite Tote goes hand in hand with those newest releases—for example, the Accordion Travel Wallet fits perfectly in the Petite Tote's slip pocket. 
  • If you tend to use smaller accessories (like the Card Case or regular Accordion Wallet) and carry small loose items in general, the Tiny Tote might be the better option due to it having so many small slip pockets. 

Based on how I've used these bags, I tend to use the Tiny Tote most for touristy travel and the Petite Tote most for running errands. One thing I really like about using the Accordion Travel Wallet and the Petite Tote together is that when I go to pay for something, I can pull my credit card out of the back slot of the wallet without having to take the whole thing out of the bag. This ease of use is precisely why I wouldn't use it for "touristy" travel—the interior layout of the Tiny Tote provides more layers of security (at least in my mind), and the smaller dimensions make it easy to carry in crowded settings. If you're traveling with a laptop that you intend to leave in a hotel safe when possible, keep in mind that the Tiny Tote could fit nicely inside a larger bag with its own laptop compartment.

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests for additional comparison photos—I'll do my best to help. If you decide to make a first-time purchase through Dagne Dover, please consider clicking this link for $20 off your first $100+ purchase! (If you make a qualifying purchase, Dagne Dover will gift me $20 in spending credit as part of their new Dagne Rewards program!) The link will take you to Dagne Dover's home page, where a unique $20 off code should pop up after a few seconds. 

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Friday, November 9, 2018

Old Charlie Vs. New Charlie: What's The Difference?

As someone who has purchased many Dagne Dover bags on the resale market, I've wondered about the difference between the Charlies with an emblem and the older Charlies without it. Is the difference between them purely cosmetic, or were structural changes made as well?

I had the opportunity to compare two Oxblood Charlies—one with the emblem and one without—and here's what I found.

  • Their pockets/lining materials/interior layouts are identical;
  • The leather color differs very slightly between these two particular bags (with the emblem-free version being the more vibrant/saturated of the two);
  • On my scale, the version with the emblem weighed about 2 ounces more than the version without it;
  • The dimensions and strap drop are identical on the two versions pictured, which led me to an unexpected discovery...

There are at least three different versions of The Charlie Tote out there. 😯 

Using the official measurements of both the emblem-free version and the version currently being sold today, I came to the following conclusions:

  • Charlie Without Emblem (released prior to March 2017): 13 ½"L x 6.25"W x 15"H, 9" handle strap drop, 3.6 lbs
    • Colors include Ivy (FW15), Onyx, Bone, and Oxblood
  • Charlie With Emblem and Tassel (released prior to March 2017): 13 ½"L x 6.25"W x 15"H, 9" handle strap drop, precise weight unknown (but likely 3.6 lbs at a minimum)
    • Colors include Pale Peach (SS16), Steel Gray Suede (FW16), Onyx, Bone, and Oxblood
  • Charlie With Emblem and no Tassel (released March 2017 or later): 12 ½”L x 6”W x 15 ½H, 9" handle strap drop, 3.4 lbs
    • Colors include Jasmine (SS17), Sand (SS17), Slate (FW17), Onyx, Bone, and Oxblood

The structural differences between the three versions are minimal, and appear to come down to a matter of ounces and a .25-1 inch difference in length, width, and height.

It seems The Charlie's dimensions and overall weight may have changed in March 2017 when DD redesigned/rebranded their coated canvas tote lineup (more about that here). I can't confirm my theory because the Charlies I own were released prior to March 2017, so if you're more familiar with the latest version, please let me know if my deductions seem correct!

Edit: The Charlie Tote has been discontinued.

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Maintenance & Care: How to Wash 365 Collection Neoprene Items

Wondering how to wash your Dagne Dover Landon, Dakota, or other neoprene items from the 365 collection? Here's how I do it. (And if you have any tips and tricks of your own, please consider sharing them below!)


I've washed many 365 collection items and can tell you that it's best to wet the entire bag or item to ensure even drying. Here are the techniques that have either worked for me or for other Dagne Dover users:

  • Wash in the sink, shower, or tub, and work a small amount of Palmolive dish soap (pea-sized or less) into any stains using your fingers. Rinse throughly with cool or lukewarm water and hang to dry unsnapped. (I've even used a blow dryer on the interior to expedite the drying process!)
  • Secure the item in its dustbag and run it through the washing machine on a gentle cycle with cool water. Stuff and hang to dry.

Neoprene items generally clean up well, so don't be afraid to buy a bag on the secondhand market with a few dirt or drink stains on it! 


  • Use a small razor to carefully shave visible pilling off of the bag or item. (I'd recommend Tinkle Eyebrow Razors in particular. This de-pilling method works great for most clothing too!)


Here are a few before/after transformations from my own 365 collection using quick shots taken before I started this website—my apologies! * * Zoom in to get the full before/after effect. * *


I bought a used small Landon in Quartz that was in desperate need of a cleaning. Thanks to a Tinkle razor and the sink/Palmolive method, it's looking almost as good as new!


I've bought many great bags during Dagne Dover's sample sales, but I did receive one surprising dud this January—a very used small Hunter in Quartz. YUCK! Thankfully, it cleaned up pretty well. I hand-washed it in the sink with Palmolive dish soap and let it air dry. 


Have you received a 365 collection item with sharp creasing where there shouldn't be creasing (like along the very front of the bag)? The good news is that this creasing is unlikely to be permanent. Take, for instance, this severely creased large Landon in Quartz I bought through Poshmark last year. I can't remember exactly what I did to fix it, but I either stuffed it to the brim with pillows/clothes/etc, blasted it with a hair dryer, and/or wet the bag uniformly and allowed it to air-dry (or all three in that order, although I'm inclined to believe I did only the first step).

This is what it looks like today. Same bag, different wrinkles!

If you have any tips or tricks that aren't listed here, please consider leaving them in the comment section below!