Friday, November 9, 2018

Old Charlie Vs. New Charlie: What's The Difference?

As someone who has purchased many Dagne Dover bags on the resale market, I've wondered about the difference between the Charlies with an emblem and the older Charlies without it. Is the difference between them purely cosmetic, or were structural changes made as well?

I had the opportunity to compare two Oxblood Charlies—one with the emblem and one without—and here's what I found.

  • Their pockets/lining materials/interior layouts are identical;
  • The leather color differs very slightly between these two particular bags (with the emblem-free version being the more vibrant/saturated of the two);
  • On my scale, the version with the emblem weighed about 2 ounces more than the version without it;
  • The dimensions and strap drop are identical on the two versions pictured, which led me to an unexpected discovery...

There are at least three different versions of The Charlie Tote out there. 😯 

Using the official measurements of both the emblem-free version and the version currently being sold today, I came to the following conclusions:

  • Charlie Without Emblem (released prior to March 2017): 13 ½"L x 6.25"W x 15"H, 9" handle strap drop, 3.6 lbs
    • Colors include Ivy (FW15), Onyx, Bone, and Oxblood
  • Charlie With Emblem and Tassel (released prior to March 2017): 13 ½"L x 6.25"W x 15"H, 9" handle strap drop, precise weight unknown (but likely 3.6 lbs at a minimum)
    • Colors include Pale Peach (SS16), Steel Gray Suede (FW16), Onyx, Bone, and Oxblood
  • Charlie With Emblem and no Tassel (released March 2017 or later): 12 ½”L x 6”W x 15 ½H, 9" handle strap drop, 3.4 lbs
    • Colors include Jasmine (SS17), Sand (SS17), Slate (FW17), Onyx, Bone, and Oxblood

The structural differences between the three versions are minimal, and appear to come down to a matter of ounces and a .25-1 inch difference in length, width, and height.

It seems The Charlie's dimensions and overall weight may have changed in March 2017 when DD redesigned/rebranded their coated canvas tote lineup (more about that here). I can't confirm my theory because the Charlies I own were released prior to March 2017, so if you're more familiar with the latest version, please let me know if my deductions seem correct!

Edit: The Charlie Tote has been discontinued.

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