Sunday, March 10, 2019

Dagne Dover S/L/XL Scout and Parker Airmesh Pouch Review & Comparisons

2021 edit: The Scout and Parker Pouches have been discontinued.

Dagne Dover's Spring/Summer 2019 collection officially drops on Tuesday, and the colorway is amazing! My next big post will probably be a comparison between the five Landon sizes (XS-XL) once the new XS Landons I ordered arrive, but I thought I'd do a brief Scout/Parker Airmesh Pouch comparison in the meantime.

  • Small Scout/Parker Pouch Specs: 7.25” L x 5.25” W
  • Large Scout/Parker Pouch Specs: 10.25” L x 7.5” W
  • Extra Large Scout/Parker Pouch Specs: 13” L x 9.5” W

Small Scout/Parker Pouch

The Small Scout/Parker Airmesh pouches measure 7.25” L x 5.25” W and are included (x1) with select Dagne Dover neoprene items such as the XL Hunter, S/M/L Landon, and M/L Dakota. I've personally used the Small Scout/Parker Pouches to hold the following groups of items:

  • A handful of lip products/hand lotion/pens;
  • Medications and other flat travel items;
  • Thread spools, bobbins, and wire;
  • Fabric squares

The Small Scout Pouch is incredibly versatile and great for carrying a small collection of items in an oversized bag or for generally organizing the interior of smaller neoprene items (like the XL Hunter and Small Dakota).

Inside the XL Hunter
Inside the Medium Andra Crossbody

Large Scout/Parker Pouch

The Large Scout/Parker Pouches measure 10.25” L x 7.5” W and are perfectly sized for keeping a paperback, notebook, or small tablet safe. A Large Parker Pouch is included with the Extra Large Landon. I haven't had a chance to use my large pouches yet, but I've put together a few examples of how I might like to use them in the future. (BTW, a fellow Dagne Dover addict uses a combination of small and large Scout pouches to turn her Small Dakota into a very functional diaper bag!)

Pictured with: paperback book and bluetooth speaker sleep mask
Pictured with: colored pencils, notebook, small Scout pouch


The Extra Large Scout/Parker Pouches measure 13” L x 9.5” W and are just large enough to fit a 12" MacBook sans case (it's a tight fit getting past the zipper), a large thin notebook, or even a combination of the two. For a more in-depth look at how the XL pouches fit inside other Dagne bags, please click here.

Pictured with: 12" Macbook, notebook, small Scout pouch
All three sizes pictured with the Small and Large Elle Clutch

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests for additional comparison photos—I'll do my best to help. If you decide to make a first-time purchase through Dagne Dover, please consider clicking this link for $20 off your first $100+ purchase! (If you make a qualifying purchase, Dagne Dover will gift me $20 in spending credit as part of their new Dagne Rewards program!) The link will take you to Dagne Dover's home page, where a unique $20 off code should pop up after a few seconds. 

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