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Dagne Dover SS21, Decluttering, and Nova + Mila Thoughts

Long time no see! It seems I've only posted twice on the Totes Dagne website this year. 😱 I tend to be more active on Instagram Stories (@totesdagne) and in Dagne Dover-related facebook groups, and I recently created a new facebook group for those of us who feel our collections are out of control—Decluttering Schemes for Dagne-Hoarding Fiends

Here are my thoughts on some of the new designs DD released this year!

Nova + Mila

The new Dagne Dover Nova Sling Bag and Dagne Dover Mila Toiletry Organizers sold out during VIP early access. Go, Dagne! I recently received my purchases (sans anything in Rosewood because I hesitated and it sold out), so I thought I'd share a few thoughts on both styles ahead of the restock.

Mila Toiletry Organizer

  • Small Mila: 5.5” L x 5.5” W x 5.5” H
  • Large Mila: 5.5” L x 5.5” W x 7.5” H

The Mila toiletry organizers are well-padded and have a clever, customizable interior design. They work splendidly for me! I found that my makeup essentials are easier to see in the Small Mila, whereas the Large Mila is a better fit for baby-related items. The interior mesh is removable, so I'd like to possibly swap the Moonbeam mesh/dividers into the Rosewood Mila (and vice versa) if I can get a Rosewood Mila during the restock. The only change I'd like to see would be adding two D-ring attachment points for a shoulder strap on the sides of the Larges.

Nova Sling Bag

  • Nova Sling Bag: 9.5” L x 4” W x 12” H

I've seen mixed reactions to this bag so far. The Nova has received a fair amount of criticism regarding its maximum 34.5" strap length—individuals with fuller chests are having trouble wearing this bag across the body. Although I don't have this problem, I was already planning to wear it over one shoulder or in the crook of my arm. I've used the Nova a couple of times already, and the strap is comfortable just over the shoulder; I practically forget I'm wearing the bag because it stays out of the way! 

The floral strap is from Thread Wallets! Take $5 off your first $20+ purchase by clicking this referral link. My AirPods case is also from this brand. The rope strap is from Madewell.

Attaching a shoulder strap is also an option. I repurposed the key leash clips to add strap attachment points, and @dagnedover_obsessed even converted her Nova into a two-strap backpack using a fully-extended Mara strap!

The external cell phone slip pocket is great, as is the interior one (which I'm using for my sunglasses and hand sanitizer). There are two internal slip pockets that fit the Accordion Travel Wallet perfectly, but the pockets warp with the shape of the bag (as shown above) and are useless if you're trying to put your wallet back in a hurry.

I'll probably keep my wallet and water bottle in the main compartment of the bag and everything else in the slip pockets going forward. If the tablet pocket and the two wallet-sized slip pockets were on opposite sides of the bag instead, I'm thinking the extra resistance might have made it easier to put things away one-handed. 

I miss having a back zippered pocket or side slip pocket like you'd find on the Dakotas or Indis, which is a good place to stuff keys. Clipping my keys on one of the key leash clips I repurposed as a strap attachment turned out to be a good solution. It allowed me to keep the keys inside and right near the top of the bag without having to dig around for them later.

  • 12" Macbook: Fits in the tablet pocket but prevents the top from fully cinching shut; closes fully if laptop is kept in the main compartment of the bag;
  • iPad Mini: Fits both horizontally and vertically in the tablet pocket, but leaves less room for other items when horizontal;
  • Water Bottles: Bottles I've carried so far include the Dagne Dover Pomelo Soma bottle (17oz) and a 16.9 oz plastic Arrowhead bottle.

  • Ace Fanny vs. Nova Sling
    Small Dakota vs. Nova Sling

    • Things I like about the Small Dakota: Small zippered pockets on the back, side slip pockets, a secure front pocket, secure body closure 
    • Things I like about the Nova Sling: External cell phone slip pocket, internal cell phone slip pocket (great for sunglasses!), fits a 12" MacBook in the body without warping the shape of the bag

    As for the color itself, the Moonbeam body material is similar to Bone, while the rope color is closer to Prism (very faintly pink-tinted). The loops are lighter than the rest of the bag. 

    The price is steep; at $145, the recycled-material Nova is $10 more than the neoprene Small Dakota. If you're not an avid Dagne collector, I might recommend checking out the $155 Small Indi instead (my favorite of the three small backpack-style bags)—you can even add a strap to the D-rings on the back to wear it over your shoulder, which is how I typically wear mine. 

    I wouldn't necessarily consider the Nova a 'must-have' bag from Dagne Dover's lineup, but I do enjoy using it and feel it's worth trying out—particularly if you're able to purchase it at a discount!

    What I would change: Add a second D-ring on opposite side, add a vertical zippered back pocket, add a magnetic closure to the top center of the bag opening (to keep the bag shut even if the drawstring isn't cinched), have the two slip pockets/tablet pocket be on opposite sides of the interior, and increase the overall strap length! All much easier said than done, I know 😅🤡


    I'm smitten with the Dagne Dover Tokyo Turnlock Tote! I shared a "dream" bag idea of mine on my Instagram Story in early 2020—essentially, an XS Allyn with adjustable straps. (Click here to view it.) I have no idea if my post impacted the design of this bag in some way or if the similarities were pure coincidence...but you can't blame me for dreaming, right? How cool would that be?! 😆

    I've preferred using this bag in the configuration shown above with the straps pretzel-twisted on the back. I have an Instagram Story highlight featuring some creative strap configurations, including a backpack option.

    The only thing I would change about the bag (aside from maybe the velcro interior pocket closure) is to have the D-rings on opposite sides and positioned diagonally to allow an additional strap to be attached. I know this might be silly given that the straps are already adjustable, but it's nice to have multiple strap lengths available at the same time—even if it's just for decorative purposes!

    Vitamin C is sold out, but Pickle is still in stock. 

    The Dagne Dover Small Laila Cage Tote is adorable (and, alas, sold out at the time of writing)! The only downsides I've found are the lack of a longer strap and the initial smell of the vegan leather, which was aptly compared to crab legs in one of the DD facebook groups. I bought two Pinto key leashes from a fellow Dagne addict to use as attachment points for a strap. (You can use any DD key leash—the older key leashes seem "tougher" and more conducive for this, whereas the Pinto key leashes are almost too stretchy!) 


    This strap is from Thread Wallets! Take $5 off your first $20+ purchase by clicking this referral link. My AirPods case is also from this brand.

    I've said before that the Vida Totes probably weren't for me due to how easily the linen material picks up lint and pet hair, but I caved and bought a Small in Skyway because the color looked so stunning in photos. The stitching is wonky about an inch below the top rim of the bag (a common complaint), but the material/color combo is faring far better in my house than my Skye in Natural did.

    The Heather Gray Skye was purchased in 2020

    I bought and returned a Skye Essentials Pouch in Pinto, a Rae Roll-Top bag in Skyway, and a Mara in Skyway due to quality issues. Others have reported seeing an increase in quality issues this season, particularly in the "Made For Now" items. That said, I've had no quality issues with the new leather/vegan/recycled material styles so far!

    Overall, I love what Dagne Dover is doing with their line-up this year, and I can't wait to see what's in store for FW21. I'll be thinning out my bag collections in the meantime! 😜

    Did this post help you choose a new bag? Let me know what you got! Leave me a comment here or on Instagram (@totesdagne).

    Please let me know if you have any questions or requests for additional comparison photos—I'll do my best to help. If you decide to make a first-time purchase through Dagne Dover, please consider clicking this link for $20 off your first $100+ purchase! (If you make a qualifying purchase, Dagne Dover will gift me $20 in spending credit as part of their new Dagne Rewards program!) The link will take you to Dagne Dover's home page, where a unique $20 off code should pop up after a few seconds. 

    If you're looking to buy used Dagne Dover items, please consider using my Poshmark, Mercari, Tradesy, and/or thredUP referral codes to receive sign-up bonuses for yourself AND to support me and my shopping habit. Your support is greatly appreciated!

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