Monday, February 22, 2021

Cuyana Tote Inserts in Dagne Dover Bags

I recently discovered Cuyana's Tote Inserts and wanted to share some suggestions for using them with Dagne Dover bags!

Dagne Dover bags have no shortage of pockets and organizational features, so I'm finding the Cuyana inserts helpful from more of a structural standpoint. Slouch-prone bags like the Large Allyn stand straighter, floppy bags like the larger Landons are given shape, and tablet-sleeve bags like the Midi Tote finally have a designated laptop slot. The price is steep, but may be worth it if you have multiple bags that could benefit from a little more organization and support.

Small Tote Insert: 7.25" x 15" x 5.25", 13" laptop pocket, .8 lbs, two colors—$85.00

  • I would suggest it for: Charlie Tote (particularly for the post-2017 version), Midi Tote (if you plan to carry a laptop often), Medium Allyn

Large Tote Insert: 10" x 16.5" (approx) x 5.5", 15" laptop pocket, 1.3 lbs, four colors—$95.00

  • I would suggest it for: Medium Landon (unsnapped), Large Landon, Large Allyn

A closer look at the polyurethane microsuede material

Large Allyn

The Large Tote Insert helps solve the problem I've had with Large Allyns for years—they slouch and buckle to the point of falling over! The insert does make the bag heavier, but the tradeoff is worth it to me personally. I'll let the before and after pictures speak for themselves:

Large Landon

The Large Landon also benefits from the additional structure (and leaves room to spare)!

The Large Landon is so wide that both inserts sizes can fit side by side!

Here are some of the other bags that could potentially benefit from a tote insert:

Large Cuyana Tote Insert in an unsnapped Medium Landon; the insert will 'ripple' a bit when the bag is zipped like in the examples below

Small Cuyana Tote Insert in the Midi Tote (with 12" MacBook)

Small Cuyana Tote Insert in the Medium Allyn; helps reduce corner slouch

Here are some additional shots where an insert might be overkill and/or it isn't quite the right fit for the bag:

Small Cuyana Tote Insert in an unsnapped Small Landon

Small Cuyana Tote Insert in a snapped Small Landon

Large Cuyana Tote Insert in a Medium Allyn

Bonus Reference Photos

Small Cuyana Tote Insert in the Mansur Gavriel Large Lady Bag. (This bag was the reason I bought the Cuyana Tote Inserts in the first place!)

Large Cuyana Tote Insert in the Noize Harlow Bag. I love this combo! (Noize referral link for 10% off: click here)

Small Cuyana Tote Insert in a Coach 1941 Double Swagger Bag. Perfect fit!

Let me know if you'd like to see any other shots of the Cuyana Tote Inserts! If I come across any alternate tote inserts with similar dimensions at a lower price point, I'll be sure to add a link to them here as well.

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