Monday, October 29, 2018

Review: Dagne Dover Accordion Travel Wallet in Bone

In addition to the small Allyn and small Dakota, another item from the FW18 collection that seriously piqued my interest was the newly released Accordion Travel Wallet. I'd been using my Lychee Accordion Wallet for eight or nine months by that point and was excited by the prospect of having a place for my coupons and my fat stacks of $1 bills to lie flat. I originally ordered two colors—Bone and Oxblood—and returned the latter because it arrived with a small but noticeable indentation. I came close to ordering an additional one in Sienna to match my Allyn, but I waited too long and the discount code I planned to use expired last night. #oops

I enjoyed using my small accordion card case, but the first time I whipped out the accordion travel wallet to pay for something, I remember feeling so...sophisticated. So adult-like.

Elegant AF.
Here are some factoids and observations about the wallet that you might like to know:

  • SpecsL 6.75” x H 4.25” x W 0.5”, .2 lb weight

  • It fits 1, possibly 2 cards per slot (although I would recommend sticking to one per slot to avoid over-stretching the card slots and leaving harsh intentions against the bottom flap);
  • The small center section is the perfect size for a small stack of additional cards (or other card-sized items);
  • The back compartment fits an iPhone 7 or similar-sized phone in a thin protective case;
  • Bills generally lie flat;
  • Opening and closing the magnetic flap = a most satisfying experience;
  • The wallet fits inside many of Dagne Dover's smaller items. (See the next part of this post for photos!)

I do, however, have an issue or two with the wallet—particularly relating to the card slots.

  • I find it can be difficult to slide the middle card back into the correct slot, as the slot sort of closes up while the card is out. (I imagine this issue will improve over time and with further use.)
  • The external card slot is becoming less and less secure by the day—my card will actually fall out of the wallet after a few upside-down shakes or with just one aggressive upside-down movement, but adding a small piece or two of a grippy under-rug texture to the inside of the slot might help. (I'll add an update to this review with the results if I try that.)
  • I'm a big fan of the Ava, and this wallet doesn't have a designated 'place' inside the Ava like the accordion wallet did; it's too large for the phone/card case slots. Pinning the wallet against the center divider using the small Lola will probably be the way to go.

That being said, I am impressed with this wallet overall and plan to keep using it for the foreseeable future. The loosening of the external card slot is my one big gripe—otherwise, my experience has been pleasant.

  • One new feature I'd be excited to see in future releases would be to have tiny D-rings either tucked/flipped into the accordion folds or placed just under the curve of the flap, which could potentially allow the wallet to be carried on a thin chain when flipped outward. (And if they ever released this wallet in the Geo Mirage print from their SS17 collection? OMG.)

Out of curiosity, I tried placing the Accordion Travel Wallet in my smaller Dagne Dover items to see if—and how—they fit. Here's what it looks like in the Small Elle, Large Elle, Small Andra, Medium Andra, Small Lola, Large Lola, Ace Fanny, the Original Clutch Wallet, and the Tiny Tote! (Click here to see how it looks in the Small Allyn, here to see how it looks in the Petite tote, and here to see how it looks in the Small Dakota.)

Small Elle

Large Elle

Small Andra

Medium Andra (fits horizontally)

Small Lola (unsnapped only)

Large Lola

Ace Fanny

Large Scout Pouch

Original Clutch Wallet (still zips!)

Tiny Tote 

Please let me know if you have any questions or requests for additional comparison photos—I'll do my best to help. If you decide to make a first-time purchase through Dagne Dover, please consider clicking this link for $20 off your first $100+ purchase! (If you make a qualifying purchase, Dagne Dover will gift me $20 in spending credit as part of their new Dagne Rewards program!) The link will take you to Dagne Dover's home page, where a unique $20 off code should pop up after a few seconds. 

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